Foreclose [verb]

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Opportunity is going to be foreclosed to millions of low-income people because they can’t afford to gain access to the digital highway through Internet service providers.

Lee was a former union leader whose own experimental farm had been foreclosed in the late 1990s.

They foreclose without mercy, but that does not frighten their old patrons, who have the perennial optimism of the country.

He's to foreclose that mortgage and longs to own that one field of ours just to complete the shape of his farm.

My husband died paying it, and my son will pay it all my life, and then I suppose the bank will foreclose.

Yesterday I served notice on him by mail that we would have to go ahead and foreclose right away.

Laflin came to Ingleside; came to foreclose a poor man's liberty, without a day of redemption.

They had been a good deal worried over a mortgage that the holder had threatened to foreclose.

He should probably be wise to let the mortgagors foreclose on it.

Your birthplace in this world disappears by fire the night before you foreclose a mortgage upon a gentleman's daughter.