Forefathers [noun]

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It was the land of his forefathers; and with what views, with what feelings, was he first to set his foot upon its shores!

You have heard what hardships our forefathers went through, while they were fighting the battles of liberty.

The Infanta Margaret had indeed, at the time of her marriage, renounced her rights to the kingdom of her forefathers.

Seldom, very seldom would I go to war—never, unless for some great principle, such as that for which our forefathers contended.

And impersonally his admiration for the land of one set of forefathers grew, although personally he remained cold.

And he gave the judge a rapid sketch of the part his English forefathers had played in the great reform acts of their country.

Thurstane is evidently Thor's stone or altar; forefathers priests of the god of thunder.

They have become respectable, and go to church, and have lost a good deal of the vigour and independence of their forefathers.

We live to some extent in peace and comfort upon the results obtained for us by the chronicles of our forefathers.

I want not superfluous wealth; for me the fortune inherited from my forefathers, is amply sufficient.