Forego [verb]

Definition of Forego:

do without

Synonyms of Forego:

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Sentence/Example of Forego:

While all of Group Nine’s sites lost staffers — the company laid off 7% of its staff in April amid a whole host of other cost-cutting measures, including CEO Ben Lerer foregoing any pay for six months — the cuts were felt most by Thrillist.

As his department began rolling out the vaccine, he had heard skeptics were foregoing the protection.

For some, it’s a strategy to accelerate its ARR by covering part of that expense by foregoing, say, an implementation fee for a higher annual subscription amount.

The country is perhaps the best poised to forego cash, too, as roughly 60% of the world’s mobile payment users are in China.

I could never forego them, or forego the expense they involved, for the sake of future distant advantages.

As to coyne and livery, he would forego them for six months, pending the decision of his cause.

We have seen you forego a blood feud and do well to the innocent man whom our faith would have bidden you slay, and it is good.

Let her forget herself and her own little woes, in the effort to fill his life with all that he had been forced to forego.

If I forego possible satisfactions of any kind, those whom I permit to enjoy them should recompense me.

I know the strength and sweetness of the illusions (that is, delusions) that you are required to forego.