Foregone [adjective]

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He must have seen, long before November 1292, that an adverse decision was a foregone conclusion.

It seems to be a foregone conclusion that I shall never hear a good performance of one of my operas.

Finally, a foregone conclusion against her had stolen into Theodore's mind, and this she could not conquer.

General opinion in financial circles leans to idea that new policy is foregone failure.

Unless they were captured, it was a foregone conclusion that Trymore and Pringle would try to reach the car.

So the foregone excitement lost warmth, and went out like a winter sun at noon or a match lighted before the candle is handy.

It is no doubt this unreadiness that causes little children to like twice-told tales and foregone conclusions in their games.

Howells's "Foregone Conclusion" was running in the Atlantic that year, and they delighted in it.

With God at his back, success was an absolute certainty—a foregone conclusion.

A prescriptive government, such as ours, never was the work of any legislator, never was made upon any foregone theory.