Foreign [adjective]

Definition of Foreign:

from another country, experience

Opposite/Antonyms of Foreign:

Sentence/Example of Foreign:

In the past, foreign policy differences between the parties were often at the margins.

The boost in admissions is partly down to the continued enthusiasm of foreign students for studying in the United Kingdom.

It has taken a long time for biology and medicine to arrive at the idea that significant portions of an individual’s own body are foreign to it.

The contracts can be so strict that if enforced they could prevent an employee from, for example, trading equities or foreign exchange for the rest of their careers.

Aside from Major League Soccer and the National Hockey League, no other major sport has a higher foreign player participation rate, say experts.

It also works politically for Erdogan, who has increasingly melded foreign policy with domestic considerations, and strives to cast himself at home as a champion of Muslims across the world.

Their interest, he says, had to do with Ukraine’s gas ­pipeline network, which the country had opened to foreign investment.

A notable critic is Norbert Röttgen, the hawkish chair of the Bundestag’s foreign affairs committee, and one of the candidates to replace Merkel at the end of her current term next year.

India first introduced the 30% rule for foreign retailers in 2012, after previously banning foreign standalone shops entirely.

The conventional wisdom, as I reported Friday, held that Abe would back former foreign minister Fumio Kishida to spite Abe’s long-standing Liberal Democratic Party nemesis, former defense and agricultural minister Shigeru Ishiba.