Foreigners [noun]

Definition of Foreigners:

person from another country

Synonyms of Foreigners:

Opposite/Antonyms of Foreigners:

Sentence/Example of Foreigners:

First, foreigners bring it, and eventually the Vietnamese join the party.

In one viral post, a user in China noted that he only received a refund after posing as a foreigner.

The government placed strict limits on the ability of the FBI and other agencies to infiltrate and track such organizations, with new laws and rules establishing more rigorous requirements for surveillance on Americans than foreigners.

Photos from inside the warehouses showed that only a few participants, who included foreigners, wore masks and that social distancing was virtually impossible.

In response, a number of nations are trying to make sure they’re the first choice for those expat-minded foreigners.

Now the top half of Mali is all but divorced from the southernmost half, at least for foreigners.

The foreigners at the heart of Tuesday’s Supreme Court hearing could hardly be a starker contrast to the nine justices sitting in Washington.

The Tibetan capital was forbidden to foreigners at the time, so she disguised herself as a local pilgrim and hoped she wouldn’t be discovered.

Currently, the country’s borders are closed to most foreigners in an effort to contain the spread of Covid-19.

It’s of little surprise they would welcome the participation of foreigners cosplaying as Americans.