Foreignness [noun]

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These were the same girlfriends, half of whom were home-schooling moms pre-covid, whose ideas about K-12 learning were foreign to me.

That dependence on foreign chipmakers has long been source of anxiety for China’s leaders.

Their basic belief was that if you could stay with people in a foreign country and learn about them directly and vice versa, we would be more likely to have world peace.

With the bulk of the votes counted, government officials pointed to the threat of “foreign influence” campaigns — or misinformation — that would try to cast doubt on the election results.

This is the largest foreign direct investment in Telangana, a state that was formed in 2014, said Rama Rao.

Bo Zhuang, chief China economist at TS Lombard, says the policy is an act of “rebalancing” in the face of deglobalization, but some business leaders worry the policy means China’s market will become less open to foreign investment.

Some of that clotting may come from auto-antibodies that, instead of recognizing a foreign invader, go after molecules that form cell membranes.

In recent years the relative decline of the US has been much remarked upon as a “post-American world” emerges, and nationalism, particularly an “America First” agenda, has displaced internationalism in American foreign policy.

At that point, we realized we’re way over our heads on foreign policy.

Half of the networks Facebook has disrupted are attempting to influence their own countries and are not examples of foreign interference, he added.