Foreknow [verb]

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But if he shall not will to sin, even this did God foreknow.

Precisely how it will be distributed it is impossible to foreknow.

For as it belongs to his wisdom to foreknow all future events, so it belongs to his power to rule and govern them by his hand.

We foreknow how others will act, and the foreknowledge is the beginning of judgment passed on action.

It is another man's error or fault that you foreknow, and not your own; and therefore foreknowledge maketh it not your own.

You foreknow that you must part with it; and will you now be so glued to it that then it may tear your flesh and heart.

And when you foreknow his design, will you let him overcome?

And he was sure that the woman whose coming little Denise had seemed to foreknow, would understand.

The act when it comes is due to my own free will, I merely foreknow what use I will make of my freedom.

No man loveth the egg aright, who doth not foreknow what a bird it will bring forth.