Foreknowledge [noun]

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On Chiara's pale face and in his eyes was the shadow of his own foreknowledge.

I do not pretend to determine the controverted point of predestination, the foreknowledge and decrees of Providence.

Closely connected with these were predestination and grace, and then "fixed fate, free-will, foreknowledge absolute."

It is even sought to reconcile the antinomy of freedom vs. God's foreknowledge.

We do not know of a real instance in which a man's decision tended to be contrary to God's foreknowledge of its outcome.

He had an inborn foreknowledge of impending avalanches and a feeling for unsafe ice.

My very first observation of the whimsical being tickled me with a kind of foreknowledge of all his weak fretfulness.

Thou art in haste to praise thy meal: thou surely hast no foreknowledge; for sad will be thy home: thy mother, I believe, is dead.

Neither foreknowledge, nor the knowledge which is practical power, can be acquired by any other means.

The most ingenious of the chapters upon Edwards is that in which he refutes the conclusions drawn from the foreknowledge of God.