Foreman [noun]

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The foreman's immense voice, explaining machines and tools, caused physical vibrations in her.

She was in a dream of oily odours and monstrous iron constructions, dominated by the grand foreman: and Edwin was in the dream.

In his old age he had married the eighteen-year-old daughter of M. Ougby, his late foreman.

He had sent his most trusted foreman to his own beautiful home, to superintend matters there.

He was sent to Paris where, under Leclercq, he learned the printer's trade and finally became a foreman.

Beyond the door he could see something in the guise of a foreman printer with a damp news sheet in his hand.

One of these had been a grocer, another a foreman employed by a gas company, and another a journalist.

Suddenly the foreman gave a frightened cry, and I saw at the same instant the Indian's foot thrust out upon the big log.

Before the foreman had time to get out of the hollow, it slid down, caught him just above the ankle and broke the leg.

Wages are terribly low, even a foreman in an engineering shop getting only a milrei a day, averaging 3s.