Forerunner [noun]

Definition of Forerunner:

messenger, herald

Synonyms of Forerunner:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forerunner:


Sentence/Example of Forerunner:

How it evolved, and where its forerunners came from, is up for debate.

The EU, a forerunner on climate policy, has pledged to make the bloc’s economic recovery “green.”

The researchers showed that, elaborate as that chemical mechanism is in cells today, nearly all the ingredients for a potential forerunner to it could have formed easily from just two simple organic compounds reacting in water.

It may be a forerunner or successor, the cause or consequence, or a contemporaneous fact, etc.

Poniatowski's campaign against Austria, glorious as it was for the Poles, was in reality the forerunner of disaster.

Forerunner of the many first-aid classes to come was that hour of Mabel's, and made memorable by one thing she said.

Nobody dreamed at that time that the little tool was the forerunner of a great change.

This is the first attempt at an anthology of Yorkshire poetry, and the forerunner of many other anthologies.

I suppose this break may be taken as the forerunner of the monsoon on Mount Everest.

In his “Capriccios” Goya stands revealed as a figure without even a forerunner in the history of art.