Forerunning [adjective]

Definition of Forerunning:

earlier, above

Opposite/Antonyms of Forerunning:

Sentence/Example of Forerunning:

She was gratefully welcoming the forerunning breeze of the cyclone by raising her wings, and was walking sidewise down the hill.

Great news, indeed; and news forerunning a time unheard of in the chronicles of the town.

Even to the poorest laborer's family comes now something like peace and rest forerunning the intermission of the night.

How seemly the foundations through the appropriate sacraments, the forerunning shadow.

In this forerunning glow of the sunset, the pasture spread like emerald; for the dry touch of summer had not yet come near it.

Strange forerunning instinct of love, which uttered its prophecy in an unknown tongue in an alien country!

The forerunning qualm of seasickness was as nothing to this.

The big shop-windows were full of goods, with here and there the forerunning red-and-green decorations of the coming holidays.

Imaginative forecast of the future is this forerunning quality of behavior rendered available for guidance in the present.

It was the fate that he expected; he, like so many, had a forerunning assurance of his end.