Foresaw [verb]

Definition of Foresaw:

anticipate, predict

Synonyms of Foresaw:

Opposite/Antonyms of Foresaw:

Sentence/Example of Foresaw:

Would require documentation, assessment, and attempts to address foreseen impacts.

Northam doesn’t foresee a problem getting the budget finished, said Clark Mercer, his chief of staff.

No business strategist could have foreseen that the world would have been thrown into the economic and social crisis wreaked by a fast-moving pandemic, even in Europe, where covid-19’s spread began to take its toll nearly a year ago.

The city’s independent budget analyst noted in a February memo that, like other troubled city acquisitions, issues surfaced that “were not foreseen by staff or presented for consideration” when the City Council approved the lease.

“Once something has happened, it has been foreseen,” says Smith.

Still, the Prince foresaw the future, and appealed to the Emperor himself, but the Emperor was obdurate.

But while everything seemed so favourable the crafty Gascon from the first foresaw the dangers which beset his path.

Bonaparte already foresaw the day when France should lie at his feet; he instinctively divined in Bernadotte a possible rival.

Aristide lived on bread and cheese, and foresaw the time when cheese would be a sinful luxury.

"I think you are right, Dorothy," said Mrs. Barford, who foresaw that there would be no peace with Letty if she remained.