Foreseen [adjective]

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Solyndra ultimately failed because of global industrial changes that few could have foreseen.

The GOP is on track to keep control of the Senate and gain rather than lose seats in the House — outcomes congressional Democratic leaders did not foresee.

Neeraj Agrawal, a spokesperson for the nonprofit crypto research group Coin Center, told Fortune that he doesn’t foresee major changes in political attitudes toward crypto, given that Congress will likely remain split after this week’s election.

“We didn’t foresee being able to expand on those numbers too much.”

Alankar foresees the possibility of a downward spiral in the dollar that would severely curtail the foreign purchases of Treasurys sorely needed to sustain our gigantic borrowing without causing a crisis.

It was a difficulty foreseen long ago in Socialist discussions, but never completely met by the thorough-paced Communist.

As he had foreseen, the business of the house rapidly increased: its returns were great.

And new consequences, still more disastrous than any she had foreseen, presented themselves one after another.

Malcolm had foreseen this pitfall in the smooth road that was seemingly opening before him.

But death—the taking of life—was a selective process, intentionally executed, the result a foreseen conclusion.