Foreshadow [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Foreshadow:

Neatly, it also serves as foreshadowing for Paris’s romance with Asher Fleming, also introduced in this episode.

The huge buildup in delinquencies foreshadows the flood to come.

His attorney will likely claim self-defense, as foreshadowed by the president.

So while modest, Neuralink’s research already foreshadows how this technology could one day change life as we know it.

And, a few researchers suspect, it may even foreshadow a new perspective on reality.

Those allusions to former times foreshadow an evil intent on their part.

These events were supposed to foreshadow the speedy demise of the Peel administration.

It is impossible to predict or in any way to foreshadow any fusion of these hostile elements.

Their flight was considered to foreshadow evil to the royal family, and their reappearance was regarded as a happy omen.

Just as death seemed a protracted sleep, so did the dream come to foreshadow the life after death.