Foreshadowed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Foreshadowed:

On this occasion, however, it failed to produce anything more than a woebegone pucker that foreshadowed something worse.

The young artillery cadet had both determination and capacity and his early career foreshadowed his future success.

There was the man who foreshadowed, in his own career, the new aristocracy 144 about to be evoked by the new machinery.

As previously so now again he foreshadowed in his experience what was the common lot of the people.

What greater event could it have foreshadowed or foreshown, than that which actually came to pass?

His attitude clearly foreshadowed the destiny of the program at the convention.

A very interesting Pan-Slavic conference held at Prague foreshadowed many of the territorial readjustments of 1919.

He foreshadowed the continuation of this new war communism into the peace period in discourses of great fire and beauty.

On the contrary, harmony is an achievement of the succeeding age; it is here foreshadowed in only imperfect beginnings.

Whose pains and ultimate lot the brawl in which he had taken part foreshadowed too clearly.