Foreshadowing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Foreshadowing:

Almost as an act of foreshadowing, Philly tied eventual champion Toronto in that category.

In that book his grandfather and father are represented as foreshadowing the greatness of their descendant.

No less striking is His touching reference to the dark days coming, the first distinct foreshadowing of the Cross.

Men have sometimes a foreshadowing of what will come to pass without distinctly seeing it.

But there is a wondrously clear foreshadowing of that tremendous cross scene in the earliest page of this old Book.

There certainly was at present no foreshadowing of the coming separation, in his daughter's face.

A vague foreshadowing of the coming revelation seemed to light on the Pope, and he sat down again without a word.

She was bound then to follow her sister, I felt sure of it; and I was aghast, foreshadowing the new dangers opening before her.

The afternoon, so far, had savored only of domestic monotony, with no foreshadowing of events to come.

Night birds, every one—painted cheeks—dyed moustachios—tremulous hands—a foreshadowing of del.