Foresight [noun]

Definition of Foresight:

mental preparedness

Opposite/Antonyms of Foresight:

Sentence/Example of Foresight:

Do not suffer yourselves to be persuaded that measures of foresight are always followed by disasters.

Such can live many lives; while a Thoreau can live but one, and that only with perpetual foresight.

But this foresight can scarcely belong to His glory, nor spare Him the reproaches which men could legitimately heap upon Him.

The faculty of foresight, or the ability to know in advance all which is to happen in the world, is attributed to God.

A God of foresight would prevent evil, and in this way would be saved the trouble of punishing it.

My method of travel has always been to arrange everything beforehand with meticulous foresight.

He acted with amazing foresight; he took the only course which would secure a lasting influence.

Thither came Captain Allen of the Foresight, and the officers of the yard to see me.

The persons really culpable were those who sent them out without a proper staff, and without the smallest foresight.

The inside course was named on the day, but, in spite of foresight and precaution, the racing was disappointing.