Foresters [noun]

Definition of Foresters:

forest protector

Synonyms of Foresters:

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Sentence/Example of Foresters:

Alice was not a little proud of this, and of the praises she received from Edward and the old forester.

Edward was a little surprised as well as pleased at this condescension on her part towards a forester.

You are born for better things than to remain an obscure forester, and perhaps a deer-stalker.

Surely he cannot wish to gain me over to his party; that were indeed ridiculous—a young forester—a youth unknown.

He works, of course, under direct instruction from the District Forester and is responsible to him.

Gradually the old type of untrained, non-scientific woodsman is being replaced by the trained forester.

Forester seemed to feel the force of the observation, but, uncertain how to act, he maintained a silence for several minutes.

Forester would not accept of his liberty on bail, nor would he enter into a security on his part to keep the peace.

"They should be treated like all others without the pale of law, then," said Forester, indignantly.

Forester never spoke, but he grasped Heffernan's hand, and shook it with earnest cordiality.