Forests [noun]

Definition of Forests:

area with a large number of trees

Synonyms of Forests:

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Sentence/Example of Forests:

There are some other trees planted, and many small, thrifty forests, such as I had hardly seen before on the Continent.

The forests there are wonderful, and it is there, if anywhere, that the almost extinct Indian lion is still to be found.

They must have been driven up into the thick forests to save themselves from being captured.

A broad paved road, traversing virgin forests, runs up the side of the mountain.

The scenery was of the usual description, consisting of narrow, circumscribed valleys and mountains covered with endless forests.

Forests constitute approximately three-fifths or 60% of Virginia's total land area.

In forests and fish the Dominions abound, and possess enormous possibilities of extended trade.

Here and there the miniature forests of doura stood up almost still in the sunshine.

A large portion of the way the road is bordered by fine forests, which form a great park around the mansion.

Each winter they went to the forests of the lowlands where they found shelter from the cold.