Foretaste [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Foretaste:

His fight against inequalities of rank is, as it were, a foretaste of the revolution.

By my faith, cousin, he hath given us to-day a foretaste of what he will be as a man!

If ever a human creature had a foretaste of heaven it was Honora during the few weeks that followed this happy day.

And I, poor foolish I, deemed all this to be a mere foretaste of the delights of living I should find higher above me in society.

It was a resume of the 'Quaker City' letters—a foretaste of the book which would presently follow.

The collapse which he had witnessed gave him as it were a foretaste, a bitter savour of the trials to come.

This is but the first instalment of Pandours to Friedrich; and the mere foretaste of what they can do in the veiling way.

The fresh designs show fragments of Greek taste, such as masks and foliage, and give one a slight foretaste of the Renaissance.

The movement to Bedford was extremely well managed, and gave a foretaste of the good staff work which was to follow.

Their spirits rose as they privately talked among themselves of the real Indian warfare of which this was a foretaste.