Foretell [verb]

Definition of Foretell:

predict, warn

Opposite/Antonyms of Foretell:

Sentence/Example of Foretell:

There was a mid-1960s spike in college closures that foretold a new era of austerity for which students and parents would pay the price.

He then made a mistake — the first of three interceptions that doomed Washington on Sunday — but the drive foretold something important.

In the 89 years since Gödel’s discovery, mathematicians have stumbled upon just the kinds of unanswerable questions his theorems foretold.

Human sagacity cannot explain these facts as they exist to-day, much less could it foretell them three thousand years ago.

I can read thought, I can foretell the future, and I can sometimes make things happen fortunately, if I try very hard.

You claim to read minds and foretell the future, and you do not understand that she is fine and honest and utterly admirable!

I cannot remember that either Sakya Muni or any of his followers assumed the power to foretell the future.

The country was on the very brink of a civil war, of which no man could foretell the duration or the result.

The miller was curious, and said: 'Let him foretell something for once.'

I told them that anybody, who had made observations in the world, would have been able to foretell the same thing.