Forever [adverb]

Definition of Forever:

for all time; everlasting

Opposite/Antonyms of Forever:

Sentence/Example of Forever:

The work earned Wilson a Nobel Prize and changed physics forever.

So, we’ve had that very traditional paradigm of the factory forever.

You don’t have to live forever to do it, Kobe Bryant made an impact.

The ink is water-based, so it’s unlikely to bleed through pages of your notebook or sketchbook, and it lasts practically forever.

It’s important to know everything you’re building online is going to be out there forever.

Georgetown’s time on the national stage wouldn’t last forever.

Any straight path starting from a corner will either hit another corner or wind around forever without returning home.

My grandmother, with whom I lived, stressed that a job is temporary, but an education is forever.

“I think this is probably going to change how we do business forever,” he said.

More than anything, it’s a warning against the dangers of holding on to the past in a world that moves forever forward.