Forewarn [verb]

Definition of Forewarn:

caution that something may happen

Synonyms of Forewarn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forewarn:


Sentence/Example of Forewarn:

This we forewarn the colored people, in time, is the inevitable and not far distant destiny of the Canadas.

It is a good rule, in reference to this point, to forewarn, instead of finding fault.

Melancthon doubted not that God had saved his friend by sending one of His holy angels to forewarn him.

Shibli Bagarag answered, 'To counsel in extremity; to forewarn; to counteract enchantments and foul magic.'

I forewarn you that I am going desperately into this affair.

Should either attempt it, we shall forewarn them three times, and should they persist they must take the consequences.

The inhabitants, whom they had not the humanity to forewarn, were obliged to take refuge in their cellars.

The lad answers, “I must forewarn you, that I eat as much as fourteen men, but I do work in proportion.”

But if some message could be smuggled in to forewarn them of the enterprise,—would that brace 'em to the assault?

There are rumblings from the New England colonies that forewarn the coming earthquake.