Forewarned [verb]

Definition of Forewarned:

caution that something may happen

Synonyms of Forewarned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forewarned:


Sentence/Example of Forewarned:

Be forewarned, however, that the resulting report won’t necessarily capture everything you want.

Election officials have forewarned that votes may take several days to count—especially those in key battleground states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where mail-in ballots can’t be processed until the morning of Election Day.

Well, forewarned was forearmed, Varney told himself as he walked back to the house.

The chemist should have been forewarned but the bottom of the boat was dry and he had implicit faith in his own judgment.

Yes, but I forewarned you that your own house would come down upon your head.

On two occasions armed men lay in ambush for the purpose of shooting Colonel Birney, but he was forewarned.

Baldur the Good had dreams which forewarned him that his life was in danger, and he told the gods of them.

But his look forewarned them what they had to expect; his entry into Brussels lost him all hearts.

And no doubt he quite agreed with the sheriff in what the other said about the man who was forewarned being doubly armed.

The ministers pointed out the danger, forewarned and conjured them; but each one turned a deaf ear.