Forewarning [noun]

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It is a shock to a man to be wrenched, without forewarning, from the groove in which his life has been gliding for twenty years.

For in that day a sneeze was not merely 333 the little explosion of tickled surfaces or a forewarning of a slight cold.

He had not the slightest forewarning of the great 10 jolt that was soon to come to himself and his comrades out of the atmosphere.

I will not engage you without forewarning you of the terrible things you may have to encounter during the winter night.

Father Underhill felt quite guilty in not forewarning his wife of the conspiracy, but one evening she mistrusted.

We had forewarning of this the day we arrived, when the field in front of us was full of smoking holes.

Its discordant voice is, next to the cry of the owl, regarded as the most dismal forewarning.

A superstitious forewarning of this sort was a weakness new to her in her experience of herself.

He did not, however, glide out of the harbour without forewarning of the gale that was rising for his destruction.

His companions kept remonstrating with and forewarning him of a catastrophe, which in his case never occurred.