Forfend [verb]

Definition of Forfend:

make unnecessary

Synonyms of Forfend:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forfend:

Sentence/Example of Forfend:

Heaven forfend that change in any shape, whether of embellishment or of decay, should fall upon that cottage!

God forfend that she should come home to-night and find you here!

Unless they actually set fire to the steeple, which Heaven forfend, we can laugh at them.

Is it not rather the blind brute instinct of self-protection, forfend what may?

Heaven forfend me from Lamarck nonsense of a "tendency to progression," "adaptations from the slow willing of animals," etc.!

God forfend that thy life should be required, Francis, though many have been lost in her 40 cause.

Of all travelling companionship, forfend us from that of a married man!

And Eliphalet moreover is suspected—Heaven forfend that I should do him wrong!

Let him wear it on his finger, and if ever he finds himself environed by a great danger, a very great danger—which Allah forfend!

I am sorely afraid I ought not to have answered as I did, for it was—“The blessed saints forfend!”