Forgeries [noun]

Definition of Forgeries:

counterfeiting; counterfeit item

Synonyms of Forgeries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forgeries:

Sentence/Example of Forgeries:

Reporters Tom Jones and Dorian Hargrove wrote that they were essentially duped by this forgery.

One of the documents NBC relied on for the story was “a forgery – raising more questions about who created it, and the intentions behind it,” the reporters wrote.

But it was strongly rumoured that there had been foul play, peculation, even forgery.

The unauthorized writing out and sending of a telegram in another person's name is a forgery.

Once Harkaway is removed from your path, you may sleep in peace, for he alone can now punish you for forgery.

He had an uneasy feeling that the Indian's challenge was genuine enough, but he still hoped to have it pronounced a forgery.

Forgery is singularly easy in a land where the seal is the sole signature, and any seal-cutter can copy it from an impression.

Show me the forgery you dare to call the firman of his sublime majesty, the sultan.

The King remained still unsatisfied, the writing, in his opinion, bearing some marks of forgery.

But you were absolutely confident that Jalisco's document was a forgery.