Forgetful [adjective]

Definition of Forgetful:

tending to not remember

Opposite/Antonyms of Forgetful:

Sentence/Example of Forgetful:

For kidsChildren can be forgetful and finicky, with likes and dislikes that seem to change on a whim.

Pandemic anxiety is making us sleepless, forgetful and angry.

His action was simply the action of a strong, business-like, and patriotic man, forgetful of finesse.

Instead of being confiding and happy, she seemed listless, forgetful, and nervous.

Amazed, forgetful of their discomfort, the girls listened while the throbbing, haunting melody wailed itself to a close.

When Mysie reached her room, she sat down to think matters over for herself, forgetful of the fact that she was wet.

For a long time she sat brooding, forgetful of the present and of the little comedy of elderly lovers going on inside the house.

"You are either very forgetful or very ungrateful," she said.

For my own great woe had made me forgetful of the woes and afflictions of others.

I should have said that her mother was reserved as well as forgetful.