Forgetfulness [noun]

Definition of Forgetfulness:

consistent inability to remember

Synonyms of Forgetfulness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forgetfulness:

Sentence/Example of Forgetfulness:

You know that forgetfulness of everything which comes of a violent confident, reciprocated love.

If I land a heavy stake, or break the bank, all will be well: if not, I must go where I hope to find forgetfulness.

Their consciences told them both that either wished to conceal from the other his wickedness and forgetfulness of God.

The Star is shadowed by our thoughtless inhumanity to those who serve us and our forgetfulness of the needy.

He looked down, his fingers closed over the slender neck of his glass that held the first golden stream back to forgetfulness.

And perhaps nothing contributes more to hasty accusations of ingratitude than forgetfulness of this truth.

The forgetfulness of self manifested in the smiting of the Egyptian shines through the whole life.

But if forgetfulness on this point disqualifies a person for self enjoyment, how much more for that which is social?

He who will hereafter be so often amazed at his own forgetfulness has already forgotten.

Well, it seems that he was sore annoyed by his forgetfulness, and well he might be.