Forging [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Forging:

The lap-welded barrel was standard until 1850, and he got together a battery of trip hammers for forging and welding his barrels.

His lordship here stated that in a recent case a man had been tried and convicted of forging a power of attorney.

And while struggling desperately for just a little happiness, she was forging the fetters of a cruel fate.

To talk, therefore, about forging the iron while it was hot proved a misconception of the actual state of matters.

He had not set all these stones rolling by forging upon nature and robbing Jem of thirty pounds.

In the meantime the whale-boat was forging through the water slowly and the noise of the seals grew louder every minute.

I succeeded beyond my expectations in forging an important link.

This man is a deal too shrewd to have done any of the forging himself.

Only the officer held his own, for he was now forging ahead of the Africans.

Though she was moving, she seemed to get no further—to throw no distance behind her, forging ahead through the darkness.