Forgives [verb]

Definition of Forgives:

stop blame and grant pardon

Opposite/Antonyms of Forgives:

Sentence/Example of Forgives:

Rais Bhuiyan survived one of Stroman’s shootings and the book explores his quest to forgive.

Instead, the heroes held up in media are the family members and activists who forgive their attackers or retain faith in the political system.

You can be forgiven for not knowing what to make of Tesla’s amazing run and the battling views on whether it can keep racing.

A popular sentiment on social media suggests you’re either willing to forgive or overlook the rioting or you’re not really with the protesters.

As of today, it has been 131 days since the NBA last conducted a regular-season game, so you’d be forgiven for not necessarily recalling the particulars of where things left off.

But "the cards never forgive," and as a rule Dame Fortune is relentless to the reckless player.

If I don't hear from you very decisively to the contrary, I shall come, and trust to your good nature to forgive it.

And man hath bowed himself down, and man hath been debased: therefore forgive them not.

Nor would it be just for you to forgive him because another son of yours was willing to be punished in his stead.

“You must forgive her, Mrs. Foley,” Jessie said, coming down to meet the woman and taking the baby from her.