Forked [adjective]

Definition of Forked:

going separate ways

Synonyms of Forked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forked:


Sentence/Example of Forked:

There chanced to be a forked tree close at hand, to which the major rushed and scrambled up with amazing rapidity.

The next instruments discovered in use among the Indians were straight, hollow reeds and forked canes.

People used to say that she forked the mine better than two of Boulton and Watt's 80-inch cylinder engines.

Out darted his forked tongue in anger, just as two arrows entered his body and ended his life.

He never left the mine until the engine worked better than ever before, and forked the water to the bottom of the mine.

It kept making springs at us, with its forked tongue exposed to view, but all in vain, as we kept at a respectable distance.

His tail was forked too, cut like the coat of the man in the circus who cracked the whip and made the horses perform tricks.

His beautiful forked horns were caught up in a creeper hanging from a tree, from which he was trying to free himself.

Bud propped the handle of the frying pan high with a forked stick, and stood up.

He had quietly read the native's mind while the half-truths and lies had fallen from his forked tongue.