Forlornly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Forlornly:

It’s a wrenching detail, though Fogel goes on to milk it a little too freely—a later shot of the chair, sitting forlorn and empty, probably should have been cut.

But he was such a forlornly muddy mongrel pup, and so eloquent of tail, that I spoke his name on an impulse, and put out my hand.

"I'm afeared, then, I won't be able to claim that there money," he said forlornly.

"She didna see me," said Hendry, sitting down forlornly on the table.

Margaret knew it all; she read it in Boucher's face, forlornly desperate and livid with rage.

It yeas cold and chilly, and they forlornly set out in search of some sort of a conveyance.

So he went forlornly back to earth and lived in a forest cave far from the companionship of men.

"None, but that of giving up the little money they have left in the bank," said Matt, forlornly.

After he had gone, Leander thrust his hands deep into his pockets, and began to whistle forlornly.

The wings of the structures sagged forlornly, and through the wrecked centre the stream poured over a rocky bed.