Forlornness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Forlornness:

"I don't know more than half the population of New England," said Dan, with apparent levity, but real forlornness.

She had clung to his arm with a tragic forlornness that seemed to leave her very wan and helpless.

My grief and forlornness have made a strange alteration in my former feelings about his coming back.

When they met he yielded to an impulse which the invalid's forlornness inspired, and went on to see him off.

At length Ellis came bustling along; and even she was a welcome sight to poor Morag in her forlornness.

She did not know why, but all at once a terrible feeling of utter forlornness seized her.

Newman only half understood it, but it amused him, and the old man's decent forlornness appealed to his democratic instincts.

Their lineaments and their gait show forth a ghastly forlornness that excites pity and despair.

From the garden, which lay at the side and behind it, it showed all of its forlornness and few of its possibilities.

What a pity that such a picture should fade, and perplex the beholder with such splendor shining through such forlornness!