Formalism [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Formalism:

The very origin of Khassidism was due to a protest against that cold formalism which excluded everything imaginative.

If there is any bias on the bench that is popularly and justly disliked it is a bias towards formalism and technicalities.

There was a formalism to it, there was pomp and circumstance.

In Islam devotion is a strong point, formalism is its weakness.

Any explanation would be futile of this branch of a forgotten formalism.

All formalism in social life, considered in one aspect of it, is a symbol of the resignation of the will of the individual.

Reacting against an empty formalism they are tumbling over themselves to prove how directly they touch daily life.

The very air of America would seem to be a guarantee against formalism.

Formalism sets in as you move east and south into the older and more settled communities.

Without some new dynamic force America, for all her tradition, is not immune to a hardening formalism.