Formalist [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Formalist:

Winston is rigorous in requiring what is due to his position—is, in some respects, a fearful formalist.

But Goethe was not a formalist, and he was very far from the static conception of life which is at the base of pure morphology.

As an upholder of the law he becomes a formalist and a reactionary.

"They appear to like the formalist too, as well as the form," said Colville, with scorn not obviously necessary.

He seemed to the king to be a tiresome formalist and censor, who was only scrupulous in resisting the royal will.

Look at the religious formalist at family worship with his household gathered round him all in his own image.

A formalist is not yet a hypocrite exactly, but he is ready now and well on the way at any moment to become a hypocrite.

Bunyan lets us see how a formalist and a hypocrite and a Christian all respectively do when they come to a real difficulty.

Now, all this brings us to the last step in the evolution of a perfect hypocrite out of a simple formalist.

And thus the ill-taught schoolboy became in us the father of the confirmed formalist.