Formalities [noun]

Definition of Formalities:

convention, custom

Synonyms of Formalities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Formalities:

Sentence/Example of Formalities:

She waited for no further formalities, but shaken with the sure foreboding of calamity, turned and fled the room.

"Now, you say you heard your sister scream," said the lawyer after the usual formalities had passed.

Neither of these formalities seems to have obtained generally in classical times.

The masseur had a great deal of trouble in explaining to her the parliamentary formalities of the verification of elections.

He forgot one or two of the formalities which were religiously observed at that solitary table.

Nat returned to Portsmouth the following morning, and spent some hours in signing papers and going through other formalities.

Lieutenant Carstens said, after the formalities had been gone through with.

The old lady may be dying, but she will not sacrifice the formalities.

We settled everything as quickly as possible, avoiding formalities.

"There will, of course, be a good many formalities," said Iver.