Formalized [verb]

Definition of Formalized:

arrange, organize

Synonyms of Formalized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Formalized:

Sentence/Example of Formalized:

In addition to formalizing that the vice president would assume the duties of the presidency in the event of a president’s death, removal from office or resignation, it instituted a process by which a living president could be removed from office.

Fifteen years ago, the IGBC asked if he’d help them formalize the program by using the bears that got there in the first place by getting into garbage.

The 25th Amendment formalizes that the vice president takes over the duties of the presidency in the event of a president’s death, inability to perform his duties or resignation from office.

States have adopted and formalized voter registration systems at different times, and some just allowed people to register on Election Day when they came in to vote.

Coq users have formalized a lot of mathematics in its language, but that work has been decentralized and unorganized.

Basically, the plan is a slightly formalized way of matching folks in need of food with neighbors who can help them get it.

The most challenging project for Roberts involved Prince Charles’s investiture—the ceremony that formalized his status as Prince of Wales.

First, other democracies in the region may formalize systems to close off the internet rather than rely on broad public safety laws.

But this priest was standing in the corridor and was rather insistent that he formalize some prayers at that point.

Yet strangely and unexpectedly the attempt to formalize his faith almost shook his faith out of him again.