Formed [verb]

Definition of Formed:

bring into existence; make, produce

Opposite/Antonyms of Formed:

Sentence/Example of Formed:

That, combined with rising housing costs, could result in RVs and camper vans becoming viable alternative forms of long-term housing.

To close, Karp writes that the “strength and survival of deomocratic forms of government” depend on the right technology.

Today’s business leaders are highly motivated to fix all forms of discrimination within their organizations.

According to federal policy and the housing authority’s own rules, such a form is considered a “last resort” and is only required if all other steps are not fruitful.

The social credit system, currently running in pilot form in a number of cities, is set to go nationwide sometime this year.

A single worker with several jobs would be required to fill out a form for each position.

All titles dabble in some form of affiliate, the magazine group, for example, works with networks like Skimlinks and Amazon.

Unlike many other forms of stress, such as losing one’s job, divorce or even being diagnosed with an illness, you cannot problem-solve or prevent it from happening.

According to Yale historian Naomi Rodgers, only its appearance in epidemic form in New York was “new”.

This instinct has been on display in Mexico, taking the form of a backlash against feminists’ efforts to put gender violence higher on the public agenda.