Formulated [verb]

Definition of Formulated:

plan, specify systematically

Synonyms of Formulated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Formulated:

Sentence/Example of Formulated:

He also, in bass incoherence, formulated the opinion that in such a nest might he found true happiness.

They had also periodical conferences in London for a week at a time, at which they formulated a common policy.

There are numerous theories formulated to explain hysteria; some are ingenious, especially that of Janet, but none is convincing.

The evening's thinking formulated itself into a telegram to Average Jones' club, the Cosmic.

He formulated a new law whose effect would be to deliver humanity from its self-inflicted woes.

Moreover, science, like tradition, has formulated from the fortuitous and abnormal condition of humanity a general law.

I seek in vain in civilized society as it exists to-day for any clearly formulated moral bases of life.

In the course of his wonderful memoirs Fabre has formulated it ten times and with always fresh ingenuity.

Psychology has formulated plenty of such general statements, and they serve well for a first orientation.

The time had now come when that which had seemed a lawless wonder should have its laws investigated, formulated and explained.