Formulating [verb]

Definition of Formulating:

plan, specify systematically

Synonyms of Formulating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Formulating:

Sentence/Example of Formulating:

Without formulating any definite idea, he felt in a vague way that Latour's career was in some way bound up with his own.

All this time Lady Ellingtons mind had not been only formulating but also constructing, and her construction was now complete.

But Mancini made no attempt to apply this description in formulating a system of instruction.

I shall wait until I'm in possession of more facts before formulating one.

I go on and through, flinging the gate wide and formulating the law of the mystery which is a mystery no longer.

Formulating the ideals of pride and success, he determines to live up to them at whatever cost either to himself or others.

It is also relevant to mention that M. Marinetti has been recently formulating new rules and principles for his new literary code.

They were not obliged to use cunning or round-about phrases in formulating their requests.

But at the moment of formulating this conclusion I am seized with scruples.

But this requires much practice, and there is no better practice than in formulating in writing the thoughts of the daily lessons.