Formulations [noun]

Definition of Formulations:

arrangement, arranging

Opposite/Antonyms of Formulations:

Sentence/Example of Formulations:

We’ve continued to innovate on this since launch, releasing a brand-new midsole foam formulation that has even higher rebound while maintaining the same durability for a shoe health care workers will wear more than any other in their life.

The group then recruited Sammy Hagar as lead singer —some critics called the new formulation “Van Hagar” — and the band went on to score its first No.

Rogers says the formulation is different depending on the the type of fruit or vegetable.

As a first step, Aaronson, a computer scientist, came up with an alternate formulation of the Collatz conjecture, called a rewriting system, that was more natural for computers to work with.

The original formulation of Keller’s conjecture is about smooth, continuous space.

Aware of this personal condition, I put aside thought of any present formulation of a future.

Attempts at formulation follow the lines of culture, and it is not till a comparatively late stage that they reach definite shape.

It was the formulation of what he had vaguely felt in an uncomfortable way ever since the previous evening.

Matt smiled with satisfaction in what he felt to be his very successful formulation of Maxwell.

Last of all comes the systematic formulation of the political Constitution itself.