Forsook [verb]

Definition of Forsook:

abandon, turn one's back on

Synonyms of Forsook:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forsook:

Sentence/Example of Forsook:

Gradually he forsook his wife, whom he deceived on account of Madame de Serizy.

He wished to marry Modeste Mignon but forsook her quickly enough when he found out that her family was bankrupt.

He forsook Tiphaine's party for the Liberals headed by lawyer Vinet.

But in a minute he saw her, and for once his self-possession temporarily forsook him.

When they thought I was done for, the rats forsook the sinking ship.

In 1773 he came to America, forsook the sea and settled in Virginia.

Their fear and their natural affection forsook them at one and the same time.

The bloom forsook her cheek, her step became listless, her eyes dull and sunken.

He immediately forsook the pursuit of arms, and betook himself barefooted to a pilgrimage.

He so far forsook the strait "Manchester School" of his upbringing as to support Macdonald's campaign for protection in 1878.