Forthcoming [adjective]

Definition of Forthcoming:

expected, imminent

Synonyms of Forthcoming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forthcoming:

Sentence/Example of Forthcoming:

You’ll more likely end up deeper in debt or scammed with no relief forthcoming.

Walmart’s forthcoming automated ad-buying tool will likely win the brick-and-mortar powerhouse more money from advertisers.

However, Hearst has been less forthcoming in funding its employee resource groups.

A forthcoming book from the academic publisher Polity, called “The Case for a Four-Day Work Week,” argues for it to become the norm versus the exception.

If the pandemic continues through this year, it could mean trouble for many workers and businesses, even if stimulus checks are forthcoming.

Barney Graham, deputy director of the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institutes of Health and an author of the study, said more experiments are forthcoming that will help guide public health experts’ thinking.

Any forthcoming private equity investments in the agency holding groups would change the way the sector operates.

In our efforts to build trust between law enforcement and San Diegans, we must be honest and forthcoming about how this funding will be spent.

Anyone aged 65 or older is now asked to send in a name, phone number and date of birth — with no guarantee that an appointment will be forthcoming, but rather dependent on the county’s supply.

While Google is yet to announce the shape, size, and position of such indicators, it’s a mark of how seriously they’re taking their forthcoming page experience guidelines.