Forthwith [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Forthwith:

So forthwith, Grandmaster Maurice Ashley’s Guide to Sucking Less at Chess.

He wrote a letter to Sir Hugh Wheeler warning the gallant old general that he might expect to be attacked forthwith.

When the crowd saw who he was the argument desisted forthwith, the crowd became quiet and respectful, moreover expectant.

The graziers and cattle-dealers were forthwith to find "their occupations gone."

He, happily, discovered the cause of my trouble, and forthwith operated upon me.

The nervous strain was a severe one and I forthwith abandoned any plan that I had of attempting to do London by motor car.

A modification of his scheme flashed through his brain, and he decided to adopt it forthwith.

Manufacture of the motorcycle upon a commercial scale forthwith commenced in the bicycle manufactory at Springfield, Mass.

And forthwith they went out towards them, and made war against them on the sabbath day.

He swung around forthwith in the trail and went after her—whereat she waddled faster through the snow like a frightened duck.