Fortifications [noun]

Definition of Fortifications:

reinforced position

Synonyms of Fortifications:

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Sentence/Example of Fortifications:

The department did not have enough of its own officers and fortifications — or a backup plan in place — to keep the rioters out of the building.

Iron fortification, it’s estimated, would generate almost $9 for each dollar spent—not as dramatic as iodization, but still a substantial impact.

I sent an order and what was necessary for the fortification at Oton, and had that port put in a state of defense.

They burnt 12 houses and barns without the fortification, and drove away the cattle and sheep.

And he ordered workmen to build the walls, and mount Sion round about with square stones for fortification: and so they did.

The moats, on the left bank of the river, were dug at the foot of the walls forming the old circle of fortification.

It had a fortification such as became usual in later bridges for defence or for the enforcement of tolls.

It was not isolated, but built into an angle of the outer rampart, so as to form with it one solid mass of fortification.

All gave a cheer at these defiant words, and proceeded with their impromptu fortification with great vigour.

Princetown is proposed to be built on a most convenient spot of ground as well for fishery as fortification.