Fortifies [verb]

Definition of Fortifies:

make strong and secure; add to

Synonyms of Fortifies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fortifies:

Sentence/Example of Fortifies:

Lobkowitz fortifies himself in Waidhofen; gathers Magazines there, as if towards weightier enterprises.

That is no folly which prepares us for reverses, and fortifies us against change and vicissitude.

Stilicho sends additional forces into Britain, and fortifies the coast against the Saxons.

Serrano fortifies his position by various royal decrees and papal bulls.

You know how the moral force of Arthur's earnestness and enthusiasm fortifies his otherwise weak character.

He probably also fortifies himself at the same time by taking in oxygen from the air.

On the other hand, beauty restores and fortifies me like some miraculous food, like Olympian ambrosia.

Friendship alone returns as much as it receives; it fortifies instead of enervating; it is the only passion worthy of a man.

Although this meditation upon mortality may soon induce in us a sense of anguish, it fortifies us in the end.

"Fortune and misfortune strengthens or fortifies one" strikes me as a natural rendering.