Fortress [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fortress:

Some lawmakers bristled at the idea that protecting the Capitol from rioters would require turning the Capitol into a partial fortress.

It is unclear if such efforts are the work of individuals aiming to disrupt the inauguration, or merely curious passersby documenting the fortress that has sprung up across downtown.

The more quickly a fortress of immunity is built, the easier it is to thwart the virus as it hits blockade after blockade.

The constant monitoring of common space is corrosive on its own terms because it breeds paranoia and gives our infrastructure the veneer of a fortress.

The rebels defended themselves from within an improvised fortress but ultimately were no match for their captors’ army.

In Europe’s bouts of bubonic plague, “there would be people standing on the fortress walls watching their parents being eaten by wolves because they had died and been thrown out,” Halfpenny says.

The garrison of the town and fortress was nearly three thousand strong.

The governor of the fortress was provided with a safe residence in Egypt, and an annual pension of 75,000 piasters.

While the fortress was undermining at home, they were not idle, who were preparing to storm it from abroad.

At Stettin, during the armistice, he entered the fortress and tried to seduce the governor, an ex-Jacobin and erstwhile friend.