Fortuitous [adjective]

Definition of Fortuitous:

lucky, accidental

Synonyms of Fortuitous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fortuitous:

Sentence/Example of Fortuitous:

The perfect celestial alignment of moving and potentially rotating transmitters and receivers, separated by interstellar distances, is always likely to be a fortuitous and sometimes temporary circumstance.

But the inordinate and fortuitous gains from land are really only one example from a general class.

In short, birth was fortuitous, a product of circumstance plus proximity, its get a biological accident.

Many finds have been simply fortuitous, but tombs have been the most valuable repositories.

This one has ended in a great good; really, it's the most fortuitous happening in my brief career as a minister of the Gospel.

No one supposes the agreement with the phenomena of light with the theory of undulations to be merely fortuitous.

She had disposed of their previous meeting lightly, as though such fortuitous incidents had not been lacking in her life.

Moreover, science, like tradition, has formulated from the fortuitous and abnormal condition of humanity a general law.

No such fortuitous circumstances would ever again throw him into the arms of a woman,—not such a woman as Doris Cleveland.

Connection of thought, even though purely fortuitous, is taken to indicate actual connection of the things represented in thought.